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Learn more about the proposal to extend the City of Norcross 
to include our unincorporated neighbors to the west.

The Norcross community is a thriving, dynamic, diverse, and unique part of the region working hard to continually become a better place for all of us to live. As we imagine what's next for our growing community, we know the story goes beyond our city limits.


To steward coordinated, intentional growth, there has been proposal to bring a portion of unincorporated Gwinnett County into the City of Norcross through a process called annexation. The proposed annexation includes the area between south of Buford Highway and north of I-85 between Jimmy Carter Boulevard to the east and the Gwinnett County line to the west.


This proposal was introduced in the Spring 2019 session of the Georgia General Assembly in a bill sponsored by a local representative. If passed by the legislature, there will be a referendum held for voters within the proposed annexation area to decide if they will join the City of Norcross.

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Annexation is how an unincorporated area becomes part of a city.

There are several benefits to joining a city, including services from a more focused, localized government that can be more responsive to neighborhood needs. There are five legal methods of annexation in Georgia. The Local Act by General Assembly method is being used in this case, which means a bill will be introduced to the state legislature to approve a change in the city limits, then there will be a public referendum for registered voters of the proposed annexation area. You can learn more about the State of Georgia's annexation procedures here and learn more about the impacts of the proposed annexation in the FAQ section. Including our 2011 Norcross annexation, 7 Gwinnett cities have used this local act since 2000 as a tool for economic growth. In a recent announcement, an 8th Gwinnett city is currently exploring a new annexation effort.     


Does this include my property? How would my services change? What is the financial impact? Find the answers to these questions and more in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.