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Why is this annexation being proposed?

The proposed annexation stands to benefit both residents of the annexation area and existing Norcross residents. It is being proposed to:

  1. Provide excellent, responsive public services to enhance quality of life

  2. Increase local control over future development and infrastructure decisions

  3. Steward opportunities for economic growth and redevelopment that align with Norcross' vision

  4. Realize one of few opportunities to expand the city

  5. Leverage strategic access to regional transportation and connect planned bicycle and pedestrian improvements within the existing city to the proposed annexation area

  6. If the proposed transit station at I-85 and Jimmy Carter Boulevard goes forward, advocate to ensure it and surrounding redevelopment serve the best interest of residents and local businesses

Would my property be included in the annexation?

Most of the parcels south of Buford Highway, north of I-85, west of Jimmy Carter Boulevard, and east of the County line are included in the proposed annexation area. The portion of the OFS site recently acquired by Gwinnett County and a Gwinnett County Police Station are not included. Take a look at the map below to see if your property is included. Parcels included in the proposed annexation are shown in blue. You can zoom in to see parcel boundaries and PINs. ​

For a complete legal description of the proposed annexation area, see page 36 of the January 7, 2019 Norcross City Council agenda packet.

Which services would change?
Which would stay the same?

The proposed annexation area is currently an unincorporated part of Gwinnett County, meaning the County is responsible for providing all services for residents and businesses. If the area is annexed, it would become an incorporated part of the City of Norcross. In cities, some services are provided by the City while others are provided by the County, and some are provided by both. Gwinnett County and its cities have outlined who is responsible for providing service within cities in their Service Delivery Strategy. The table below summarizes how local government services would be provided in this area if it became a part of the City of Norcross compared to remaining an unincorporated part of Gwinnett County.

What would my new zoning be?

Zoning in the proposed annexation area is currently regulated by Gwinnett County, according to the County's Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). A UDO includes zoning regulations along with land development regulations. If this area is is annexed, the City of Norcross will likely adopt the existing county zoning categories for the annexed parcels as part of its own ordinance. These current county zoning categories would become "legacy districts" in Norcross' code, meaning properties with those designations may maintain them without impact to their entitlements; however, no additional parcels may be rezoned to legacy districts in the future. If property owners wish to rezone their parcels in the future, they would need to apply for one of the existing City of Norcross zoning categories.

See how the City and County regulations compare:

How would this affect my taxes levied by the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners?

Because Gwinnett County provides all services for properties in unincorporated areas, owners of unincorporated properties pay property taxes exclusively to Gwinnett County. In incorporated cities, some services are provided by the County and some services are provided by the City, so property taxes are split between the two. Today, property owners in the proposed annexation area are taxed at a millage rate of 13.319 assessed at 40% of its fair market value. If it becomes part of the City of Norcross, property owners will be taxed at a lower millage rate by the County (11.359 assessed at 40% of its fair market value) and will also pay property taxes to the City at a rate of 6.749 assessed at 40% of its fair market value. To find the tax assessed value of your property, visit the Gwinnett County Tax Assessor Property Search

How will current Norcross residents be affected?

There will be no associated tax increase for current City of Norcross property owners and the City is committed to delivering excellent services to existing residents, regardless of the potential annexation. The City will maintain its current level of services by increasing staff to accommodate additional demands. Based on an initial assessment, the City expects to hire 24 new employees in the first year to provide services for the annexed area and increase to 39 new employees by Year 5. This annexation will be healthy for local tax digest and redevelopment income will mitigate the need for future millage rate increases.

What kind of improvements can I expect in this area?

In the near term, the City plans to make physical improvements in this area, including street resurfacing, street lights, and signage. It will also partner with the Gateway 85 Community Improvement District to improve landscaping. The City would work with residents and businesses in the potential annexation area to better understand their needs before developing a strategy for further improvements. In previously annexed areas, residents have seen improvements like shorter police response times and Pinnacle Park, a new 12-acre community park that has infused new economic interests and opportunities in the area.

What is the long-term vision for this area?

There have already been long-term visions for this area established by several plans, including the Gwinnett County 2040 Unified Plan, the Gateway 85 Community Improvement District's (CID) Jimmy Carter Livable Centers Initiative Plan, and the Gwinnett County Connect Gwinnett Transit Plan. Some of the key elements of previous plans include:

  • Encourage a regional activity center, an area of focused reinvestment and redevelopment for the County

  • Construct a multi-modal transit hub near the intersection of I-85 and Jimmy Carter Boulevard, including heavy rail transit

  • Redevelop the OFS site and surrounding properties as higher density, mixed use development (OFS site is not included in the proposed annexation area)

  • Retain and enhance existing residential neighborhoods

  • Continue to encourage employment-oriented uses like office parks, industrial parks, and logistics uses

  • Continue to support the community's cultural diversity

  • Improve walkability with better pedestrian/bicycle facilities and aesthetics, especially along major corridors

  • Enhance safety

  • Increase and enhance public spaces

  • Improve traffic flow


The City of Norcross will build on this direction, engaging with the community to ensure it is an accurate reflection of their needs and aspirations, prioritizing improvements, and implementing this vision.

How will residents and businesses in the annexation area be represented in the City government?

We welcome all new residents and businesses to get involved in Norcross civic life. Residents will be represented by 1) voting in City elections, 2) having a mayor and council members to champion their issues, 3) participating in City Council meetings, 4) volunteering for boards and commissions, and 5) participating in cultural and engagement activities.

Businesses will have a voice and be championed by the City's economic development department, in addition to representation by a mayor and council who support local businesses and participating in City Council meetings.

Will businesses be required to apply for new business and alcohol licenses with the City of Norcross at the time of annexation?

In the future, businesses would apply for their business and alcohol licenses with the City of Norcross instead of with Gwinnett County. There will be a six-month grace period to facilitate this transition, after which time businesses would have to switch their licenses over to the City.

Do I get a say in this annexation?

Yes! Registered voters within the potential annexation area will vote in a referendum to decide whether or not to join the City of Norcross if the bill is passed by the Georgia General Assembly. Prior to the vote, the City will  host several informational events for the community to learn more about the potential annexation and its impacts. This site will be updated with more details as they become available.

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