If this area is annexed, it will become part of the City of Norcross. Within cities, some services are provided by the City and others are provided by the County. As a result, part of the property taxes are paid to the City and part are paid to the County to cover the cost of services provided by each. Read on to find out how your property taxes would be affected if the annexation is approved.

Gwinnett County Taxes

Property-owners will still receive a tax bill from Gwinnett County. Currently, the overall millage rate is $35.069 per $1,000 assessed value. After annexation, the County millage rate would decrease to $33.109 per $1,000 because some services, like community development and police, would be provided by the City of Norcross instead. The taxes that cover the cost of these services will be eliminated from your Gwinnett County tax bill and go to the City of Norcross instead. Here's an example of how your County tax bill would change. The tables below are based on a sample property with a market value of $100,000 and an assessed value of $40,000. Your actual property taxes would vary based on home value, exemptions, and abatements.


In the example above, your new Gwinnett County tax millage rate will decrease to 11.359 mills from the original 13.319 mills. If the area is annexed, storm water and solid waste services would be provided by the City of Norcross instead of Gwinnett County, so these fees would be eliminated from the Gwinnett County bill. 

School and state taxes will not be affected by the annexation. These millage rates and fees will remain the same:

After annexation, you will see a decrease of 1.96 mills in your Gwinnett County tax bill.

In this example, the taxpayer’s Gwinnett County tax bill is $443.38 less after annexation. This savings can then be applied to the City of Norcross’ taxes.

City of Norcross Taxes

The City of Norcross offers a simple tax bill that includes property taxes (and exemptions if applicable) with a flat millage rate of $5.749 per $1,000 and storm water and solid waste fees. The example below shows what City taxes would be paid on the same property with a market value of $100,000 and an assessed value of $40,000.

So What's the Bottom Line?

The bottom line is this: It cost this taxpayer an additional $74.80 to become a part of the City of Norcross. How?

Besides the 1.96 millage decrease, some of Norcross’ fees are less expensive than Gwinnett County’s. Storm water fees are $1.85/100 sf compared to Gwinnett County’s $2.46/100 sf. The City’s solid waste fee is $14.61/month compared to Gwinnett County’s $17.91/month. This saved the taxpayer $76.76 annually.

  • Before annexation, this taxpayer’s total Gwinnett County tax bill was: $1,767.74

  • After annexation, this taxpayer paid Gwinnett County taxes and the City of Norcross taxes totaling: $1,842.54


That’s a difference of $74.80 to receive enhanced local government services. The City of Norcross also offers exemptions and other tax abatements for owner-occupied homes, seniors, and low-income residents to further offset costs.


Check out the slides below to review additional scenarios and find the one that is the most similar to you. If you have specific questions, contact the City of Norcross for more information.